Edgewood Civic Organization, Inc.
Office: 1395 Linwood Avenue Columbus, Ohio  43206-3150

The attached News Letter is designed to inform our Civic body and others of news and events in our community as well as "Blockwatch" information..

2020 January News Letter

Edgewood News                                                                                                                      ECO, INC.                                                                                                                                   is a recognized 501.c.3

January 2020 VOLUME 14 / ISSUE 147                                                                                         
2020 Officers and Executive Board                                                                                             Ted Welch, President cell 614 946-2247                                                                                     MS Pamela Whyte, Vice President                                                                                             Brian Walters, Secretary                                                                                                           Tom Hughes, Treasurer                                                                                                                 MS Faye Hall, Asst. Secretary                                                                                                       To Be Appointed, Events Chairperson                                                                                             Mailing Address:                                                                                                                     1395 Linwood Avenue, Columbus 43206                                                                           Scheduled Appointments, Mondays & Tuesdays                                                                       Email: edgewood.acres.officialsitecmh@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Edgewood.Civic.Org.Columbus Web Page https://www.edgewood.civic.org.com/contact us

UP-COMING MEETING DATES………………. The January 14th Meeting and will be Tuesday from 7:00 till 8:30 PM at Corpus Christi Church. Corner of Linwood and E. Stewart (enter north door of front entrance). Everyone is invited to join us! The February 2020 meeting will be Tuesday evening on the 11th. The meetings are open to the public.                                                                                       
WEEK DAY HOURS: I will endeavor to meet with individual(s) on Mondays and Tuesdays as regular scheduled times for the 4th District Commission Seat residents and Civics. The hours are from 9 till Noon or you may ask for later times if there are scheduling needs. I welcome you to stop by to chat and if you have a concern or issue you can call to confirm another date, time and place to meet, as I may have a previous appointment. The Office address is 1395 Linwood Avenue. The Pot of Coffee is On!                                                                                                                                               
CALENDAR of EVENTS…………………………                                                                  December                                                                                                                               25th WE, CHRISTMAS DAY “SEEK PEACE” Be safe                                                                 31st TU, News Year’s Eve “Be safe & Responsible!”                                                              January 2020!                                                                                                                                 1st WE, New Year’s Resolution “Seek Peace”                                                                               10th TU, 7 PM Block Watch and Membership Meeting Administering oath to 2020 ECO Officers    February                                                                                                                                   11th TU, 7 PM Block Watch and Membership Meeting                                                                 14th FR, Valentine’s Day “Tell Some they are Special”                                                                     
2020 Memberships...... are being solicited for the 2020 Year. Please fill out the Membership form and return to our Treasurer Tom Hughes. Your membership dues help us to continue the services we provide to the community and charities receiving our donations. You may pay your membership dues by cash, check or Credit Card.

January Block Watch News……… Our students are on the street please WATCH YOUR SPEED! Be aware of School Zones and youth using CROSS WALKS and found in the streets when Side Walks are not available! Weather will be unpredictable with rain, sleet, snow, high wind and bitter low temps. Day Light hours are shorter and students will be traveling to and from school during dark hours, even with the time change! Please listen and observe all weather alerts so you are PREPARED!!!! Have an emergency kit and plan of action for your home should you lose your utilities, weather emergency, health concern or fire. And the same is true if you are traveling. Please have an emergency kit ready for a traveling emergency. The holiday seasons bring new risks of robberies and breakins while shopping and gift-giving. Keep your gifts out of view in your home. Watch your surroundings to prevent your becoming a victim. Our vehicles HAVE BEEN and are a GREATLY INCREASED target for break-ins when we leave our articles valuable (or not) visible in our parked vehicles. Addicts are hoping the article IS valuable! BREAK-INS OCCUR WHEN WE GIVE CRIMINALS THE OPPORTUNITY! FIRE, is a GREATER risk with candles, multiple extension cords and room space heaters! DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED! Our Liaison Officer R. Medley can be contacted at 614 645-4111 or email at: rmedley@columbuspolice.org                                       
Let’s CAN IT, AGAIN We are still collecting your empty aluminum beverage cans and very happy to announce that your collection and donation of aluminum cans provided approximately $50.00 when Chuck helped us take them to the recycle plant on Parson’s, in September. THANK YOU ALL!!!           
2020 BALLOT OF ECO OFFICERS....... Believe it or not 2019 is in the past and we elected our 2020 officers during the November 10th 2019 meeting. Let me take this time to “Thank” all of those individuals who, over the years have served and are still serving the community as elected civic members. We have elected the officers of the 2019 Executive Board, retaining their former elected positions. We need to find an individual to chair the events position. It is an appointed position, if anyone is interested let us know.

Oath of Office 2020 Officers…….Just a quick reminder that the officers elected for the 2020 Executive Board should be present for the oath of office to be administered during the January 14th 2020 meeting. Thank you for your service to the community. 2020 Officer’s and Executive Board President, Ted Welch Vice President, Pam Whyte Secretary, Brian Walters Treasurer, Tom Hughes Assistant Secretary, Faye Hall

District 4 Commissioner CSSAC…. I will be representing the 4th District it’s residents, neighborhoods, communities, organizations and business’s promoting the values of a safer, diverse, inclusive and progressive Southside. I ask for your input in order to be informed and to represent your interests and needs in City government decisions. Thank you, Ted Welch, Commissioner 4th District   
Thank you!!!! To ALL our cookie bakers for helping with our Charity Bake Sale “Cookies for a Cause”!!!! We have raised over $200.00 for a charity to be named. We will select a charity during the business meeting in January. A charity named, was to provide trigger locks for homes with children having fire arms, preventing accidental and untimely deaths of Children in Columbus.                           
Pets and Wild Life…………With the extremes in the winter weather PLEASE care for them by giving them appropriate shelter and food. Also, if you are feeding wild life birds, etc. please maintain the food in the feeding stations. They are depending on you, when snow covers their food and shelter areas!!!!    
Events and Promotion Chairperson…. The Executive Board is looking for an individual(s) to chair the above position for the ECO and Block Watch. This is an appointed position and would investigate, plan and organize events for community to be sponsored by ECO. The Chairperson(s) would report to the Executive Board. If you enjoy social events on a community scale please contact someone on the Executive Board and present your vision and events for the Community.                                              
January Guest Speakers……. There will be a representative, Marvin Robertson, of the Columbus Fire Dept. to address Fire and Health safety information. CSU provide information on education possibilities and career training available. Officer Medley will discuss the crime stats for the 11th Precinct.                                                                                                                                       
Real Estate News…… Although the market has slowed during the Holiday and winter season, homes on the Southside and in turn the 4th District, are still sought in our area. We are showing homes very active in our area for prospective buyers and generally in contract within a short period of time on the market, at or above listing price. Many of these homes have been rehabbed with desirable floor plans and appliances for younger families and professionals. They are also close to the downtown Columbus jobs and activities with suburb amenities. It is our hope that this will continue to be a progressive and welcoming area! With Nationwide Children’s Hospital increasingly larger campus and the revitalization of the Parson’s Ave. corridor, we can look forward to prosperity on the Southside. As of the edition of the News Letter there are 173 homes on the market in the 43206 zip area and 52 of the listings are in contract.